Our goal is to expose our Fresno Unified students to as many STEAM resources and activities as possible. This way, our students will explore many career opportunities and learn many skills. We focus on the fundamentals of Coding/Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing, and Design.

These are the resources we are implementing in our programs:


Learn Computer Science
Change the world.

Block-Based and Code Line JavaScript Programming



3D Design & Circuit Playground Block-based Coding

Students learn to design objects that can be 3D printed and coding online circuitry.

Lego Spike Prime

Colorful LEGO building elements, and intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch.

Engage students through playful learning activities, think critically, and problem solving, regardless of their learning level.

Edison Robot

A small, easy programmable bot that is Lego Compatible.

Bar Code, Block Code & Python Programming

Edison Robot

Onshape CAD

Students collaborate to design custom products, industrial equipment, and many other 3D objects.

3D Modeling and Design CAD Software online

Onshape CAD

Microsoft Makecode

Learn to virtually program a simple Arduino Board or Circuit Board.

Micro:bit & AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express


Minecraft Education Edition

Learn to code and design using your Minecraft Agent.

Use block-based or Python Coding to build your Minecraft World. Create and collaborate in this digital environment.

Minecraft Education Edition

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